Thursday, October 29, 2015

[Not a Chapter] Translator's Introduction

Hello! I thought that I would take it upon myself to introduce myself. I am Kisato, a poor highschool student with no money to his name. I've been a bit of a Japanophile for a long time and I would have to say that it would start with me being around mechs for most of my childhood. Of course they weren't real mechs, althought that would have been absolutely fantastic, they were the kind that you built and displayed. Now, I live in Las Vegas, and here we have a street called Spring Mountain, and that's essentially Chinatown. In fact, it is Chinatown, but I'm digressing.
As a kid I've always had a sort infatuation for anime. As the years have gone by it's gotten nothing but worse but hey, who cares?
I'm an avid writer, artist, and coder. While my art and coding skills aren't up to par as of right now, my writing skills are one of the things that I take great pride in. I'd probably be more motivated if I would actually sit down and write, but I never do that always going off on some strange tangent, getting abducted by aliens, being part of a high speed chase, you know, stuff that happens to every writer.
As for translating, this is going to be my first project, and as I'm hardly proficent in Japanese I'll be relying on machine translations quite a bit. I look forward to working with you all and hope to do well in the future.

[P.S. If you would like to see me post some of my short stories that I actually have done, leave a comment below.]

[P.P.S. My username is /u/tonny890]


  1. Hi. Good luck on your translation :)

  2. hi
    thanks for chapter and good luck :D
    i seriously have good luck today in finding interesting novel :))